Photographer / Designer

Peter Plorin

Grown up in the sixties in a small town in the Lower Rhine Area, he has been influenced by the Lower Rhine landscape and also by industrial heritage and architectural diversity. This affected previously his work as painter. Later on, with the coming of the digital age, he swapped back to photography, which he had performed occasionally before with analogue cameras alongside the painting.
His main topics are expressive and high-quality photographic images out of the subjects architecture, landscape from many different countries and derelict industrial heritage.

He was successful in taking part in several competitions, of which is outstanding the participation to the renowned Sony World Photography Awards as a finalist in the category “Architecture”.

His works often do not correspond with the apprehended reality, his aim is to reveal the mysterious, not tangible. Digital image processing is his way to visualize this layer of perception and to raise emotions.

Photo Awards
                                                                        Architecture – Bridges
                                                                        Fine Art – Other
                                                                        Architecture – Cityscape
                                                                        Special – Nightphotography

                        2018 Silver Winner TIFA Tokyo
                                                                         Architecture – Bridges

monocrome award 2017           2018 Monocrome Photography Award
                                                                         3 Time Honorable Mention
                                                                             Fine Art – Landscape

           2018 ND Award
                                                                        2 Times Honorable Mention,
                                                                            Nature – Landscape

winner seal            2018  international  photography award New York

            2018   international  photography award New York
                                                                         3 Times Honorable Mention,
                                                                             Fine Art – Landscape,

logo siena finalist           2018  SIPA Siena International Photo Award
                                                                          Finalist & Remarkable Award

4th_fapa_nominee           2018  Fine Art Photography Award


monocrome award 2017           2017  Monocrome Photography Award

                                                                            3 Time Honorable Mention

HIPA Logo          2017  HIPA VAE


heartbeatofnature               2016   Heartbeat of Nature Zingst

                                                                          8nd Place 

monocrome award 2015         2015  Monocrome Photography Award

                                                                           Honorable Mention

Architecture - shortlisted      2013  Sony World Photography Award                                                                                                 Finale  & shortlisted  

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